Amazon Follows Microsoft; Plans To Build India Data Center In 2016


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is moving the Microsoft way and is expecting to create cloud server farm in India in 2016.

Talking at the second Annual Digital India and Innovation Conclave 2015, Bikram Bedi, head India area, Amazon Internet Services said, “We are setting up server farms in India in 2016.”

Beginning late, Microsoft has set up three server farms in India at Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai and is propelling business cloud associations for Azure and Office 365. IBM has in like way beginning late settled its first server farm in Mumbai while Google doesn’t have any server farms in India till date.

By, open cloud and cross breed cloud decision will fundamentally expand in India as affiliations will advantage by information power, lower stillness and geo plenitude with the accessibility of near to framework. The cloud server farms will in like way open up new conceivable results for cloud players in e-association, money related thought, social insurance, get ready and others.

Amazon Web Services beginning now has a sizable client base in India and building India server farm will help in serving neighborhood clients as it will help in acknowledging affiliations need of having their information orchestrated in India geology.

The association is progressing another model of scattered figuring associations (counting IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) to the clients through ‘GI Cloud’ built up as MeghRaj. The point of convergence of MeghRaj is to push a methodology and execute various areas to guarantee augmentation of cloud in government vertical through private cloud players.

The motivation behind the cloud strategy is to understand an expansive vision of government private cloud environment open for use by focal and state government working environments, zones and areas to fortify ICT-empowered association changes, in addition, offer flexibility to the degree decision of improvement.

Amazon is in like way taking a gander at government vertical big as an association of India is coasting RFP in December for alternative accreditation of cloud associations of private cloud suppliers in the nation.