Enticing Bargain – Cloudongo’s Dedicated Server Hosting 2+2 Offer With Powerful Features


To ensure optimum performance and reliability, Cloudongo is presenting dedicated server 1+1 offer with comprehensive SLAs or Service Level Agreements.

A dedicated server is an upgrade from shared server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) when businesses need a far higher level of performance.
“We needed a hosting environment that is a great fit for high performance and I/O intensive workloads”, says an IT manager of a small and medium business firm.

Dedicated servers typically are packed with features that deliver high compute performance, scalability, and a high degree of security and control.

With cloud computing flourishing, many businesses are in a quandary as to which hosting solution to choose, dedicated or cloud.
Several organizations are still opting for dedicated server for its performance, reliability and security.

“A good dedicated server hosting service has everything you need to maximize and optimize your experience”, says a CIO. “We always ensure the hosting vendor has all the necessary tools from hosting control panel, application installers, and website building tools”.

Cloudongo is not disappointing potential clients with its dedicated server hosting 2+2 offer.

The company has ideal solutions for all types of businesses, particularly for those having high end traffic websites.
Cloudongo is offering numerous plans with prices to suit any budget.

The company has been in the hosting business since 2002, and today it has Industry Best Accreditations.

About Cloudongo
Cloudongo is a leading cloud hosting solutions provider, offering services to a wide spectrum of businesses worldwide.

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