Go4Hosting Offering Unmatched Shared Hosting Solutions


http://drinkslings.com/maps341 With features such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth, multiple email accounts, FTP accounts, and more, Go4Hosting is presenting their best offer of shared hosting for both corporates and individuals.

Today, many small and medium businesses (SMEs) look for an affordable hosting plan to get their websites online.
“The plan we look for must be perfect for blogs, portfolios, and online business”, says an entrepreneur keen to start a web store.

Shared hosting is proving to be good solution for those entrepreneurs that are having a startup business.
Shared Server Hosting means sharing the available resources of one physical server with many users.
It is the most economical way to host a website for the simple reason the expenditures per machine are covered by many clients.

this web page Although the more expensive VPS or Virtual Private Server is recommended for businesses, lower price of shared hosting has become the decisive factor for most buyers.

Go4Hosting is not disappointing its customers.
With affordable plans, hassle-free maintenance, and the ability to create multiple accounts, this leading Noida based hosting service is promising “unmatched” shared hosting solutions.

Other key features of Go4Hosting’s plans include 99.99% uptime guarantee and round the clock tech support.
According to a company spokesperson, deploying of the hosting plans do not require server expertise or Linux administration skills.

The vendor is offering shared hosting plans for both Linux and Windows operating systems.
The company’s record of delivering outstanding hosting service has won it many big name clients.

About Go4Hosting
Established in the year 2000, Go4Hosting is a leading hosting service provider in the industry. The company offers a wide array of products and services, Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting, business e-mail solutions and cloud computing.
For more information contact Go4Hosting at their India office at:

SDF Block G-13/14
Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ)