Halli Labs Acquired by Google, too late but too smart too!


Halli Labs belongs to Google now. This is the first acquisition Google has done in India ever. However, After Sundar Pichai’s elevation this news has come way too late but there indeed is a lot to cherish about it. Here is an excerpt from the Halli Labs introduction paragraph “Halli Labs is applying modern ML (Machine Learning) techniques to solve old problems and domains to help technology march on in its timeless purpose – i.e. giving superhuman powers to all of us humans in letting us do whatever we want to do better.”

Like any other inter giants Google is also desperate to exploit Indian market. In its bid to play big, Google is getting late while Microsoft has a strong presence in Indian market since three decades. Acquisition of Halli Labs spells Google’s priority of improving its Indian Language translation. Halli Labs has not yet delivered any product in market but they were very promisingly working on Speed Recognition & Natural Language Processing. While the charisma of this acquisition is yet to be revealed, the floodgate has been opened up, let’s see what rolls down in Indian market from now on see more.

read article From invention fire, wheel, rice cultivation, paper, gunpowder, electricity, www and hashtags… Artificial Intelligence is set to take humanity to exponentially news heights. Halli Labs has one more thing to impress. It is the name of this youngest organization! Halli in Kannada is called village. We are so fascinated by American names and western verbatim that we seldom heed on how Amazon or almost all Japanese brand like Mitsubishi, Honda, Kodak or Chinese brands like Hawaii are all successful because they carry forward their cultural practices along with their names with highest possible ethical standard of business. When Halli Labs describe how modern Machine Learning Technique will solve old problems of human kind it evident that how their culture enrichens their future vision about the organization they have founded.

click Well this does not limit the scope for any company to succeed but this proves why company succeeds and other could not even when everything they’re doing is right. Simon Sinek in his lecture has described that the most important source of success for any organization is their ability and preference to communicate why they do what they are doing. Halli Labs is just four months old now joins the Next Billion vision of Google. A lot of us may argue upon this interpretation of success but when we observe the bandwagon of Google Next Billion, organizations like DeepMind and inventions like AlphaGo ensures that for complex designs like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality… collaboration will out use competition and together we all will advance to future when humans will work with superhuman minds.