Is it Prudent to Choose VPS Server Hosting over Shared Hosting?


It should be said at the very onset that VPS server hosting should be chosen by a business or an individual only if more control over the server is sought. There are many instances when a user may want additional software modifications of the server for more customized usage. However, this facility is not available at shared server because of the inherent shared nature. In such a case, VPS provides the best possible solution. Until and unless such enhanced control over the server is sought, unlimited Linux reseller hosting is the preferred choice for many. In fact, some of the best ones provide users with amazing reseller tools including WHMCS (absolutely free of cost) that provide them more control over managing hosting for clients.

Now, let’s check out some of the specific needs that are required by a VPS server hosting solution or even a dedicated server:

#1 Office emails are a major reason why businesses seek for VPS solutions. This is mainly because it helps businesses manage multiple email ids from a single IP address. This facility is unavailable in reseller plans or shared hosting because of the limited POP as well as IMAP connections. The maximum number of POP and IMAP connections per hour is restricted to just 30 per IP connection.

#2 Mass email facilities can be used in a far better manner if VPS is used. When businesses concentrate of sending ads to large contact mailing list, VPS server hosting is the most preferred choice. However, this doesn’t mean that reseller or shared hosting solutions don’t allow mass email sending facility at all. The scope is limited here. On an hourly basis, just 500 emails can be sent.

#3 Customized solutions available to users and businesses on a VPS is much more than shared servers. A virtual private server is the solution when the requirement is more personalised in nature. In fact, the problem with shared hosts arises when users try to install some software that is not compatible with the server. This is where VPS comes handy. In case of a shared hosting plan or even a reseller plan, users can’t change included hardware as well as software of the server. If a change is allowed, it will inevitably affect other users. To avoid such a problem, VPS server hosting is considered to be a way superior option.

There are different aspects associated with choosing a dedicated server and VPS. What are they? Let’s find out –

You can choose a VPS when your growing business requirement has exceeded the offerings of the account. In fact, the need of retaining existing IP address and upgrade of an existing lower level VPS customer can be another case of choosing VPS server hosting solution.

However, a dedicated server can be chosen only when complete server access is required along with the full usage requirement of the server.

It is said that when traffic of a site crosses the 1000 visitor level on a daily basis, a business or individual will need VPS server hosting.