Why Email Server Hosting Canada Is Preferred by Businesses


There are several new channels of communication being employed by enterprises across the world but email continues to be the most popular and effective platform. Email has been accepted as the primary mode of communication among a business’s staff, clients and partners. There are large enterprises that prefer to have their own in-house email servers but there are several disadvantages for the small businesses with an in-house server.

•    They do not have the budget and storage space to buy the server infrastructure.
•    They will need to be technically competent for the server and other component maintenance.
•    The storage has to be scalable. Communication increases as a business grows. The servers will require more space for storing and archiving.

Email server hosting Canada providers take away all these disadvantages and offer solutions that are affordable and effective. In fact, there are far more advantages for the businesses.

Brand popularity:

One of the main benefits with email server hosting Canada is the marketing of the brand name. The client gets the email address with their brand name and all communication with the outside world including suppliers and clients reflect the brand name.

Cost-effective with no upfront investment:

The client does not have to make any major investment on the email infrastructure. The host makes the required license payments if any.  The email server hosting Canada provider takes the responsibility of maintenance including replacing obsolete hardware with the latest brand and any wear and tear.  The customer support team is always available for any email server related queries.

Scalable and flexible:

Communication increases as business grows. That means businesses will require to keep expanding their storage capacity. Email server hosting Canada servers are scalable. The users can increase their storage capacity and decrease when they do not require. The providers have an effective backup and recovery system of emails in case a mail is deleted accidently it can be found and replaced within a few minutes.

Increases productivity:

Employees are saved from wasting their time on sorting out the mails by directing the mails to their respective e folders. The spammer and hacker activities are effectively controlled by denying access into the mail server. The servers come with firewalls and anti-spam and anti-virus filters. This drastically reduces the staff from wasting their time deleting unwanted mails and directing the required mails into their respective folders. They can use the precious time on more productive business related works.
Additional features:

The email server hosting Canada offers sharing of address book. The employees in an organization can add, edit or delete contact details and share it among the other staff. Email server allows secured access to all folders, tasks, mails and calendars from any compatible device and from any location. The server supports other email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook   etc.

The host have some stringent security measures that will ensure the safety of the information that is being shared with other parties. All mail correspondence is encrypted and the user name and passwords are authenticated so that there are no illegal intrusions.