Go4hosting Is Alluring Customers With Their Offer Of Buy One And Get One On Cloud Hosting Plans


Go4hosting, building on more than 13 years of experience is promising unmatched cloud hosting solutions to cater to the bespoke needs of customers.

Today the need of the IT industry is for the continuity and stability of mission critical applications.

A mission critical application is one that is essential to the survival of a business.

Thankfully, the types of workloads enterprises are deploying on the cloud are changing.

“First, it was only the low risk applications, and then we also moved to cloud storage services”, says an IT manager. “Now we are strongly considering deploying mission critical applications on cloud”.

But why is this rush to the cloud?
According to an information technology expert, “With cloud hosting the customer is no longer responsible for monitoring and managing the software and infrastructure”.

This is freeing up precious resources for the IT staff to work on value added tasks.

Go4hosting is well-structured to meet the needs of today’s discerning customers.

The company’s offer of buy one and get one on cloud hosting plans include 24 x 7 cloud web hosting services, pre-configured servers that allow for faster scalability, real time firewalls, and access to multi-server environments.

The public cloud service offered by Go4Hosting has added advantages such as Big Data Analytics, Disaster Recovery, develop and test applications, and suitability for Ecommerce applications.

About Go4hosting:
Established in the year 2000, Go4hosting is a leading hosting service provider in the industry. The company offers a wide array of products and services.

For more information contact Go4hosting at their India office at:
SDF Block G-13/14
Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ)
Phase II, Noida 201 305
Ph: 1-800-212-2022 (Toll Free)
Email: sales@go4hosting.in
Go4hosting also has offices at Jaipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.