How To Extend Lifecycle of Your Data Center?

Extend Lifecycle of Your Data Center
Extend Lifecycle of Your Data Center

Success of any data center hinges on planning and execution. The boom of Internet growth and mobile has driven demand and dependability on data centers to unparalleled levels.

Every business needs datacenter and it acts as an asset that helps to deliver value and competitive advantage. Corporate Level Executives and Board of Directors understand that in today’s world, all companies are trying to become technology companies. By making this transformation, a robust data center infrastructure is required.

Many companies are facing the problem with their existing data center infrastructure which is not built to scale. IT companies can take an advantage of new technologies to increase their area and compute capabilities. It also places a strain on their critical power and cooling infrastructure. The data centers built with traditional design are struggling to support higher densities related with today’s computing resources.

Good news for IT companies is that investments in your existing data center can increase your capacity to support today’s higher area workloads. An additional improvement to your data center as Data Center Modernization. This modernization would extend the lifecycle of your existing data center asset.

Data center modernization has a significant number of options where a data center owner can select from. But, the planning process of modernization efforts is also equally important as the implementation process. It has to be well-designed and well-defined before you begin your work in the datacenter.

If you are considering upgrades to your data center, first start with this list for data center modernization:

    • Technology Profile: Modernization helps in developing the profile of technology in your data center. The profile may vary based on your business needs. This technology profile is progressing rapidly with the support of hybrid cloud deployments. Modernization of datacenter has to support your present and future technology profile.


  • Data Center Assessment: As once your technology profile is evolved, modernization requires assessment of your critical data center infrastructure, including facilities like uninterruptible power supply, standby power generation, fire protection, power distribution, cooling, telecommunication, structural capacities and many more. An assessment provides you to identify your variations between existing infrastructure and technology profile.
  • Real Time Data Collection: Modernization requires proper upgradation in the existing and operational data center facility. It not only requires proper planning but also requires real-time data on how the new infrastructure and equipment is impacting critical IT load in your data center space. Modernization of data center can be achieved through Data Center Infrastructure Management.


  • Blanking Panels: Blanking panels are the best practices for many years. In many data center assessments, blanking panels are not installed. It can be installed easily and an inexpensive solution that helps to improve airflow management in your data center facility. Blanking panels installation in your data center would help your modernization efforts.

Many data centers have the potential to expand their life cycle along with their existing facility. The process of modernizing an existing data center requires proper planning and execution. But it is a cost effective way to increase capacity within your existing data center space.