How To Protect Your Business through Data Center Security

data center Security
How To Protect Your Business through Data Center Security

Data is the nerve of your business and is considered the costliest business asset. Hence, total security of your data and that of the data center is of prime concern for you. Besides protecting the data against cyber attacks with clever technology, it is equally essential that physical security is provided to Data Center please click for source.

As a first step towards Data Center Security, the data center should be provided with permanent presence of manned security. Strict control needs to be exercised on entry of visitors to each facility at the data center. Other means of security adopted are extensive CCTV video camera surveillance, security breach alarms, biometric checks and adequate physical barriers click.

 While considering about physical security, three components come to the fore as given below: learn more here

go here Firstly, you only know the personal ID number or password either for logging in or for drawing cash from your ATM.

  1. Secondly, the unique features about yourself, such as a biometric scan, a fingerprint or retina scan.
  2. Thirdly, you only have some kind of token or card key having coded information about yourself and certain attributes that allows you access to security environment. This may include proximity card, USB key or basic card key with a magnetic stripe.

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Data centers can be ensured of great security if they are built outside the cities, keeping a good distance from airports and railway stations. The buildings for data centers are constructed so as not to be visible from the street. They can also be built below the street level; trees and shrubs obstructing views of passerby. High fences of 20 feet can provide good security to the data centers learn more here.

Redundant utilities such as for water, power, telephone lines etc are needed as backups. Similarly, backups are also required for battery, HVAC to face situation of total power failure in the area go here.

In order to avoid entry of a malware, USB connected drives should not be allowed. In case an employee or guest wants to bring a Power Point file, they should load it onto a terminal that is in the reception area. Data is scanned for malware by transferring it to a protected virtual machine link.

The enterprise environments are becoming more and more complex and hence you need to have data center security solutions for the protection of all kinds of environments namely physical, virtual, cloud and SDDC. Go in for innovative systems such as automated, dynamic management of virtualized infrastructure, centralized visibility, management and reporting, system-wise collection and correlation of intelligence.