The Biggest Data Center In Noida NSEZ Coming Soon


With a focus on delivering cloud data solutions, Cyfuture, a premier Noida based hosting service has put in place plans to expand its facilities in Noida with an initial investment of INR 50 crores.

When ready, this new data center will have an initial capacity of 500 racks. This addition is expected to strongly reinforce the company’s already existing infrastructure at Noida and Jaipur.

As per Anuj Bhairathi, Founder & CEO of Cyfuture, the data center market in the National Capital Region is robust and has plenty of scope for further growth.

This need for expansion is underscoring Cyfuture’s growing footprint in the cloud hosting segment.

Cyfuture has been working hard to drive cloud adoption that best suits the customers’ existing IT investments.

The company’s several offerings speak for themselves.

With a wide array of products and services, including dedicated server, VPS, Cloud hosting, colocation services and more, this leading Noida based hosting vendor is strongly backing on its state-of-art facilities and dedicated professionals to lap up more clients.

The company’s desire for growth is primarily fuelled by the increase in cloud computing among Indian companies.

According to an IT professional, “Large enterprises as well as small and medium businesses are doing their best to expand their presence and IT requirements. CIOs are realizing the need to improve efficiencies and cut costs by moving much of their applications and processes into the cloud”.

The IT and IT related services are continuing to be a significant contributor to India’s GDP. To cater to its digital needs driven mainly by growth in sectors like IT, and telecom and banking, the support infrastructure also needs to keep pace.

Third party data centers are in a growing phase. Though the capacity utilization is not yet 100%, data center managers are of the view that their space will be fully loaded in the near future.

The data center market is growing because it is the favored destination of many industry verticals.

With a view to bolster its clientele, Cyfuture has been presenting bargain deals such as 2+2 offers on dedicated servers in summer, and now for the monsoon it has a limited period 1+1 offer on cloud servers.

In India the major portion of data center space is rented by the BFSI sector. This is closely followed by colocation requirements for IT majors and telecoms. Besides, government schemes to digitalize is also one of the factors contributing to the growth of data centers.

It is true there could be hurdles that might affect expansion of new facilities and creation on new ones. These can include availability of power, the rising cost of real estate, bandwidth availability and high CAPEX.

But at the moment Cyfuture seems to have addressed all concerns and is going full steam with its expansion.

Cyfuture is a leading provider of data center, cloud and outsourced services to clients across various verticals.

The company presently owns state-of- the- art tier III data center facilities in Jaipur & Noida.

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