VPS Hosting Solutions Provide Fertile Ground for Business Growth


VPS hosting is one of the most exciting and novel types of hosting that is gaining rapid popularity among growing enterprises. If you are getting confused with different kinds of web hosting, then it is time to take a closer look at this promising type of hosting solution.

Understanding VPS basics

The term, ‘virtual private server’ is very simple to understand. It means a private server that virtually exists.  VPS is a combination of two kinds of hosting solutions and this is probably the main reason for an aura of confusion around it. It very easy to understand the differences between shared and dedicated hosting. However when you are considering VPS hosting solutions, the dividing line between the three major types of hosting becomes thinner.

Imagine that you are staying in a room that is shared with many occupants. You are not only sharing the room, but also the resources including wash room, drinking water and so forth. This is nothing but a shared hosting environment. You may continue using it until your individual needs are limited.

However if your needs are more, then you will be forced to look for a better environment with superior access to facilities and better control on resources. You have a choice to shift to an independent bungalow, but it would be wiser to go for an apartment as an intermediate step.

Similarly, businesses with higher growth potential try VPS hosting solutions as more economical options than dedicated hosting solutions.  VPS hosting offers all the benefits of dedicated environment with much better affordability than dedicated hosting.

There are four major advantages of VPS hosting solutions from user’s point of view:

•    Enhanced control
•    Flexibility
•    Cost effectiveness
•    Peace of mind

Technological advances are often inspired by need for better and more affordable solutions for end users. Virtualization technology has helped technocrats, develop virtual private servers that have their own operating systems, disc spaces, and bandwidth resources. These virtual servers belong to one physical machine only.

Users are allowed to access vital resources of such virtual servers, as if these are their own dedicated servers. A virtual private server can be booted, rebooted, or shut down, as desired by user.

Rationale of choosing virtual private server hosting

Principal purpose of choosing virtual private server is to have a better control on hosting environment without hassles of employing technical staff to look after operation and maintenance of a dedicated server.

If you are worried about of technicalities of server operations, then VPS hosting solutions are ideally suited for you. It empowers users with controls without the nitty-gritty of technical knowhow. Physical server that houses set of virtual servers is maintained by hosting service provider. Hence users of virtual private hosting are absolved of the responsibility of looking after maintenance of physical server.

Shared hosting environment usually offers restricted access to resources such as bandwidth, disc space, and so forth. Access to these resources is bound to get influenced by consumption patterns of other users. If your website’s performance is severely compromised due to such limitations of a shared environment, then you should opt for the next logical step i.e. VPS hosting solutions.

VPS hosting is considered as the golden-mean between shared and dedicated hosting. It offers an excellent balance of economy and features for optimum website performance as well as freedom from intricacies of server management.

Slow performance of website is almost always due to lack of bandwidth space. Shared hosting can stunt the growth of websites that are going thorough rapid growth stage with accelerated traffic. Usually, these websites are run by entrepreneurs with limited financial resources.

Dedicated server hosting involves higher operational expenses as compared to shared and dedicated hosting. This makes virtual hosting, an attractive alternative to other types of hosting.

Wide spectrum of VPS hosting solutions is also the perfect choice for running specific software applications because users can exercise complete root access to their virtual servers. In terms of technical flexibility, it is much more superior to shared hosting and offers ease of installation, convenience of account creation and many more features.

Perfect hosting ground for growing websites

When you are moving from shared hosting to VPS hosting you can enjoy enhanced flexibility of running website without incurring huge expenditure. Many users prefer to have two separate virtual private servers for testing and development of sites.

Your development activities can continue without affecting your website’s performance. It is also a good idea to use an additional VPS for data storage and backup procedures.

Thanks to the technology of virtualization, web masters can build a cluster of virtual computers to run on one single machine. Every single virtual private machine behaves as a dedicated server for all practical purposes.

With virtual private server hosting, users can enjoy wide array of benefits apart from greater control and ease of access to server. Resilience of VPS hosting solutions enables businesses add resources as and when needed.

Virtual server is designed for business websites that are expected to grow in terms of traffic. Increased resources requirements of such websites can be easily managed due to excellent scalability of VPS hosting solutions.