What is BaaS? And Benefits of BaaS Solution


We are living in the information age where every day newer technologies emerge and evolve. One of such emerging concepts is BaaS, i.e. Backend-as-a-service. Many of us have heard of IaaS, Paas and SaaS cloud solutions, but BaaS is a fresh cloud based backend solution. This article is about this unique service, which has been designed especially for the mobile application developers and currently has a market size of approximately $220 Million.

What is BaaS?

Today, with the growing popularity of mobile and web based applications, there is demand for solution which is easy to deploy, use, manage and create a cloud backend for mobile, tablet and web apps.

BaaS (Backend-as-a-service) is a trending technology, a buzzing concept among the mobile and web app developers that enables them to connect the applications with backend cloud storage and processing. Apart from this, it offers a plethora of useful features like user management, social media integration, push notifications and many other additional features.

Benefits of BaaS:

Flexibility and Multi-utility: BaaS model has been designed by keeping mobile app developers in mind, however, its properties are so flexible that it can used for multiple category of development, such as web app development, for devices such as kindle, and other healthcare and education related devices. It is even useful in the deployment of API frameworks.

Efficient, fast and time saving: It usually takes a long week and even months for backend development but with BaaS, developers can do the job in much faster way, saving a lot of time and efforts.

Hassle-free: BaaS providers take care of hosting and maintenance, so it’s completely hassle free.

Scalable: At an additional cost, the BaaS resources can be easily scaled according to the specifications of developers.

Disadvantages of BaaS

Lesser control: The users have lesser control on infrastructure which keeps them from performing some tasks as per their wish.

Limited count operations: there is limited number of count operations which varies every time and doesn’t exceed 160.

Security issues: If security is one of your prime concerns, you should opt for custom backend cloud which is dedicated only to you. Moreover, you also need to devise security policies which may differ based on business models

No custom automatic operations: There is no option for custom atomic operations, due to which solving the concurrency problems becomes difficult. Another limitation of BaaS model is that developer can’t define customized cloud integration as the architecture varies based on type of business.

Delayed push notifications: Push notifications can be delayed, sometimes even up to an hour.

Currently, BaaS model is in its nascent phase of growth but the reputed sources report that its market size is expected to grow to $7.7 billion by 2017.

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