With 1 + 1 Offer On Cloud Server Hosting, CloudOYE Is Presenting Customers Inclusive Scalability And Flexibility


A Noida based hosting service is offering compelling reasons why a business can do better with their offerings.

With easy and quick access, scalability and flexibility, CloudOYE seems to have everything covered in their offer.

But the company spokesperson is vehement that there is something more. “Our state of the art offer has world class network designs ensuring 100% uptimes.  Plus our offer has multilayered security for high level of protection.”

To make the offers complete in all respects CloudOYE is backing its presentations with customizable firewall and easy access to any number of virtual machines.

For Indian customers, CloudOYE is offering an environment tailored to meet their specific demands.

According to the company spokesperson, “Our offer to Indian customers includes free professional assistance on cloud environment with every account. In addition we help our Indian customers with the design of the right cloud hosting engine, cloud storage, network and traffic monitoring tools”.

Cloud computing seems to making strong inroads in the Indian market. The driving advantage of cloud computing is it facilitates easy access to resources and information from anywhere over a network with the internet connectivity.

Elasticity, on-demand service, automation, scalability and flexibility are some of the key characteristics that are making cloud computing popular in the Indian market.

With plenty of customer friendly features, CloudOYE is strongly backing on its 1+1 offer on cloud server hosting to get more clients.


CloudOYE, a Noida based cloud hosting service provider with domain expertise, integrated cloud infrastructure, Tier III data centers is  offering businesses fully managed services and dedicated technical support.

For more information, contact CloudOYE at their India offices at;

Cyfuture India Pvt Ltd.,

SDF Block G-13/14,

Noida Special Economic Zone

Phase II, Noida 201 305

Call: 18002122022