AMD dispatches Opteron A1100 System-on-Chip wanted to upgrade datacenter execution



A different line of Opteron SoCs is joining AMD’s lineup of huge business processors, as the chipmaker finally announced its 64-bit ARM-based Opteron A1100 Series.

AMD’s try offerings have so far relied on upon X86 focuses, however the new Opteron A1100 line now makes the ricochet toward ARM-based processor focuses. The new SoCs are suitable for a broad assortment of usage, including stockpiling, sorting out, 64-bit ARM programming headway or thick and low-power Web serving.The new Opteron A1100, already codenamed “Seattle,” is AMD’s starting 64-bit ARM Cortex-A57-based processor. The SoC packs eight Cortex-A57 CPU focuses and each pair of focuses shares a 1 MB L2 hold while a 8 MB L3 store offers the CPU some assistance with grouping. The CPU supports both DDR3 and DDR4 reinforce and can take up to 128 GB of EEC at up to 1,866 MHz.

Twofold 10 GbE framework relationship, along 14 SATA III ports, further make the Opteron A1100 a magnificent choice for Web servers or databases (dependent upon size). The SoC furthermore has eight ways of third-period PCIe, nonetheless it’s not expected to serve as a GPU process stage.

“AMD Opteron A1100 Series SOCs impact AMD’s industry-driving authority in plotting undertaking class server things and develop the rapidly making ARM programming and progression natural group to develop another arrangement of prevalent, essentialism capable processors for appropriated registering, stockpiling and sorting out establishment,” AMD notes

“Enabling data center and framework overseers to impact astoundingly organized I/O, imperativeness viability and principle figure thickness, AMD Opteron A1100 course of action SOCs give exceptional preparation, choice, and structure level joining cutting down TCO,” incorporates AMD.

With respect to plot, the Opteron A1100 Series presents to eight focuses timed at up to 2 GHz, dependent upon model. The A1120 is the low-end model of the line, working at 1.7 GHz with just four focuses and less L2 save. The A1170, then, comes at the most astounding purpose of the line, gunning at 2 GHz. The low-end consumes just 25W, while the top-end pulls 32W.

AMD has yet to offer exact accessing information, however its new Opteron A1100 SoCs are depended upon to start at for the most part $150.