Cloud Computing – the Future & Security Concerns

Cloud Data Center Future And Security

Over the last few years, cloud computing has gained much popularity in the IT sector and is poised to have a still better future if the security problems do not prevail. Cloud computing is the practice of using remotely located network servers. As against the traditional means of saving your data on your personal computer, you can access the remote servers through internet for managing, storing and processing the relevant data.

Cloud computing is preferred because it is cheaper, faster and easier way of maintaining data. It is becoming so common that even the internet users are using cloud computing services such as Google Docs, Dropbox etc for having better access to their files, as and when required. This facility can also be availed through your mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Wherever you are, you can have access to your stored data.

With the increased use of cloud computing, the need for security too has increased considerably. Some experts say that cloud is more insecure than storing data on premises.

Open Data Center Alliance is a consortium that includes giant IT companies such as Infosys, SAP, Disney and Deutsche Telekom. ODCA is quite enthusiastic about Cloud computing. But a recent survey of the members indicates that around (2/3)rd members are seriously concerned about the security of the data. Previous years’ surveys indicate that more than 80% of ODCA members were skeptic about going in for Cloud computing, mainly because of security concern.

Amazon Web Services is the major service provider of cloud computing. In October 2012, it was observed that some of the users of cloud computing were unable to access their respective files, stored with Amazon Web Services.

Despite the facts mentioned above, cloud computing has the flexibility and ability for expanding rapidly and contracting the available processing capacity. One main advantage of cloud computing is that it can have considerable saving on your IT hardware and expenses related to data center. It offers faster application deployment and a process of streamlined development. Cloud-based services can be deployed with other choices such as internal private Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, Public cloud and the Hybrid option.