Hong Kong Emerges one of the most vital markets in Asia

hongkong data center market

Hong Kong has ended up a standout among the most essential data center markets in the Asia-Pacific district, says a report from free research firm Structure Research. Variables to support its incorporate its status as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) in China, its economy, framework, business-accommodating environment, and a profoundly talented work power, as per the report.

Of specific note is Hong Kong’s nearness to terrain China, which let administrators to meet the requests of the China market. Also, in light of the fact that Hong Kong is represented under a legitimate framework that viably puts it outside the Internet control implemented on terrain China, this makes the city an appealing base for Chinese data center and cloud administrators hoping to grow to serve provincial or global markets.

“Hong Kong continues to be a highly desirable place for data center investments due to its proximity to mainland China as well as its status as a global logistics and financial hub,” clarified Jabez Tan, senior expert of data centers at Structure Research in an email to DCD. “Its strategic location is an international springboard into mainland China and also a gateway for mainland Chinese corporations looking to expand internationally.”

Tan says the Hong Kong data center market has unassuming rates of usage where space is concerned, and even lower rates with regards to control. This deciphers into a “meaningful amount of runway” left for the present stock that is being worked out, he let us know.

In particular, the Hong Kong colocation market produced US$616m (HK$4.8bn) in 2015 and is anticipated to have a year-on-year development of 15percent in 2016. 58 MW of basic IT load limit is relied upon to come online in 2016 and 2017, however the development in basic force use is now anticipated to outpace space use development throughout the following two years.

The city condition of Singapore is not laying on its trees either, as per Tan. “Service providers and enterprises from around the world often debate the merits of each city [Singapore and Hong Kong] when picking an Asia-Pacific location,” noted Tan. “ Singapore has arguably closed the gap on Hong Kong when it comes to being viewed as a jumping off point for China.”