Is Data Center Colocation The Right Choice For Big Data?

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Did you know that Facebook collects a massive 500 TB data per day, which call fill up multiple largest hard disk drives we currently possess? The world’s largest hard disk drive can house up to 10 TB data, so now you can imagine the number of hardware a company like Facebook would require, if it had to store all the data it generated within 24 hours. But such market giants build their own datacenter servers and keep equipping it with servers to support big data.

If you deal with such enormous data range, you’ll similarly have to build your own infrastructure because it’s nearly impossible to locate large amount of data, in-house. However, if you need storage and performance solution for your small and medium sized business, we have a plan for you, as well Colocation for Big Data

The new colocation services can help, as they are designed to meet the new emerging big data trends.  As organizations grow, they soon demand for sophisticated compute resources that can stock the bulging data. Colocation data center is something that can meet the storage requirement as well as boost the functionality level, cost-efficiently. Here is how colocation meets the big challenges of big data: read article

  • Connectivity

The gathered data needs to move effortlessly from point A to point B. Here point A is your database and point B is the end-user application. You need to ensure that the information is flowing back and forth and reaching your target audience without any technical complexities. Colocation helps in achieving this target by providing the connectivity choices you need to perform the task conveniently read more.

  • Scalability

Colocation comes with cloud-like scalability that gives you the freedom to scale as you grow, along with the added benefit of maintaining your data in a different location within the infrastructure where you can completely manage the setup. Even cloud providers are adopting colocation solutions for data storage due to its effective adaptability. When you want to store large amount of data, colocation lets you do it without any interruption. That is what driving cloud providers to take up the opportunity over building own data center visit web page.

  • High-performance computing

article source In order to reap out most of the big data, organizations require computing system equipped with sophisticated components, which is not accessible in the traditional versions. To meet this specific big data demand, HPC industry developed a range of cost-friendly HPC systems that could benefit the technical experts. But it is not done yet. Since HPC are highly advanced systems, it requires a robust data center setup that could promote its functionality. Most facilities lack the skill to support HPC and that’s where colocation strikes.

Collaborating with a colocation provider supporting HPC system can push your data through the obstacles and help you take full advantage of big data For more information contact:

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