Reliable Datacenters In India

reliable datacenter in india
reliable datacenter in india

Datacenter- An Overview

A data center houses computer systems and associated mechanisms, such as telecommunications and other storage systems. Data Centers are a serious part of the world economic systems today. Numerous electronic communications happen via data centers every year. Data centers are also used for financial (bank) transactions, web related activates (IT) and telecommunications (telephone and cable) etc. When it comes to data centers, redundancy and reliability are similar but not quite equal.

Requirements for modern datacenters

A modern day datacenter is a house to numerous servers that organize works in order to provide vastly available cloud computing services. Large-scale businesses deal with huge amounts of data to present their employees, purchasers and dealers using appropriate, modified attention through their particular internal and organizational documents. For any business, providing services to its target customers is one of the most important objects. Information Technology plays a paramount role in attaining the same and IT infrastructure/datacenter is a critical powerhouse within it. Datacenter project focuses on many parameters like site selection, IT hardware, facility design, network, cooling, power distribution, etc. For a successful datacenter, certain characteristics like reliability, serviceability, availability, capacity, scalability/growth plans, manageability and criticality are to be assured.

Reliability- A critical parameter of a datacenter

Reliability represents the capability of a datacenter to implement its important actions under a fixed set of conditions for a definite period of time. The presence or absence of a trustworthy data linkage is considered to be the prime decisive factor in datacenter efficiency. There are 5 key features of a highly reliable system, in terms of reliability. These are as below:

  • High availability control
  • Advanced analytics
  • Advanced data collection
  • Critical alarm response
  • Effective integrations of all systems


Top Indian datacenters with definite characteristics

A datacenter is just as a kitchen of a restaurant. Just as an entirely operational kitchen with best working stoves, cooking apparatus and grocery space is required for a kitchen staff to function competently. A datacenter is aimed to give websites a secure server space.

We have listed below some topgraded datacenters in India with detailed features making them reliable in the global market.

Microsoft- Microsoft guarantees high reliability through vigorous processes for incident management, security and compliance, service support and change management-with the speed, efficiency, and trust, that customers expect.

Cisco- Cisco hybrid-ready cloud solutions has taken business alertness, speed, and compliance to the next level. With flexible intake and placement models and safe workload portability, a private or hybrid cloud can be built faster and reducing risks intensely.

SoftLayer- SoftLayer is an IBM Company. Its customers range from Web startups to global enterprises. SoftLayer delivers the utmost comprehensive cloud infrastructure present. It is one platform that takes datacenters around the world and then incorporates and systematizes everything.

RackBank – RackBank DataCenters is a Central India located low-latency datacenter in Indore, India. Since its inception in 2013, RackBank has been providing best-in-class premium and affordable data center services across the globe to across all major industry sectors including dedicated server hosting, disaster recovery services, managed hosting and colocation services.

Netmagic – Netmagic Solutions is one of the leading hosting service providers in India. It has 7 datacenters which are situated in Mumbai, Noida (Delhi-NCR), Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. Its datacenters are armed with top level security arrangements.

Sify – Sify is India’s first datacenter firm. It presently has 5 Tier-3 level datacenters in Bangalore, Chennai, Noida and Mumbai, where Mumbai has two datacenters. They have around 3000 clients from departments of banking, finance, telecommunication and insurance etc.

Reliance– Reliance is one of the India’s major datacenter providers. It owns 9 Internet datacenters with a total holding space 2, 56,000 sq. ft. Reliance presently manages over 25,000 servers regularly. They have 350 firewalls and are engaged in a daily transfer rate of 1600 terabyte.

BSNL-SIS datacenter Hyderabad- BSNL and Sai InfoSystem India have teamed up to create 4 technically progressive and disaster fortified datacenters in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and Cherthala. All these datacenters are Tier III and TIA 942 certified. They are in harmony with ISO 20001 and ISO 27001 rules.

TATA Communications– It is one of India’s most well know ISPs. Presently they own over 12 datacenters that are located in important cities in India. It is a very big international competitor providing datacenter facilities. All its datacenters promise high competence and 99.9% server uptime.

In terms of hosting service providers, India is world’s fastest growing hub for datacenters. Largely recognized e-commerce websites have shifted their datacenter to India because of latency and data security issues that were costing them a lot of paying customers.