The Advantages of Server Colocation Services


Even as more and more companies are shifting from personal servers to larger networked systems they are also realizing that the benefit of managing and operating their own server space or room is being steadily outweighed by server Colocation services or solutions. Companies are waking up to the fact that they can save loads of money and also offer a resilient front in their data centers when they opt for server Colocation services in India. If you happen to be unsure of the advantages of Colocation services, we take a look at some of them right away this web page. Maximizing the Business Potential Reducing the operational costs of a business and the ability to lay extra focus on your core business is what helps organizations to maximize the potential of your business. The dedicated data centers help the businesses to achieve the same. Unlike in-house business teams, server Colocation services are specializing in managing data centers as well as network services. For instances, when you have a Colocation service at your disposal, people would be available for rebooting your server round the clock, even if you experience a server failure at 3 am in the  morning.

Speaking of cost head in-charges, Server Colocation Services prove to be no less than a boon for them. It provides a perfect scenario for delivering suitable infrastructure and supporting cost savings. When you compare the range of capabilities of a standard in-house server facility with a well appointed and professional server Colocation service, a simple power assessment will demonstrate the gap between in-house solution and a separate service provider outsourced for the purpose source.

continue reading Companies might argue that most organizations today have access to air conditioning systems as well as continual power supply and also battery backups. However, what one needs to understand is that these systems hardly protect the required data center infrastructure. What organizations must consider is whether the power solution includes diverse feeds and distribution paths, coupled with double generator systems and can be re fuelled in running condition and with the help of fuel reserves present on-site.

Companies must also go on to understand whether they have a range of diverse cooling systems with complete UPS support. Does the organization know who is responsible for monitoring power and battery levels round the clock? Is there a solution that ensures complete 100% uptime?

article source If the answers to all these queries is no, you possibly need an outsourced and possibly focused solution for catering to your server Colocation needs.

Secure and Quick Global Connectivity please click for source

read article When it comes to connectivity, the term Colocation means a business enterprise that enjoys global connectivity without compromising on speed and security. We often find that many companies that rely on in-house server rooms often do not possess onsite access to a strong and dependable internet connection. They are also not able to enjoy personal monitoring of traffic flow for ensuring complete and round the clock connectivity.

When you engage a server Colocation service your organization can benefit from a fast networking system and a strong internet connectivity at highly competitive price points. Like for instance, a speed of 100mbps can be extremely difficult to achieve when it comes to in house facilities and also creating a solution that is absolutely redundant may not be financially viable at all. Alternatively, data centers are connected to several transit providers and possess a large bandwidth. This is why businesses possessing this kind of facilities often tend to benefit from this superior service at competitive costs.

Infrastructure Sustenance

When you have these considerations in mind, some companies begin to look towards Cloud Hosting Solutions more than anything else instead of opting for server Colocation services. However, using the cloud will not be a viable solution for providing your organization with a system that’s completely auditable. You can also have complete control over their infrastructure. Often times, having a Colocation service allows and enables you to avoid spending much money on storage bills on the cloud as it is considered to be cheaper for storing information on their private servers.

Opting for a Colocation service is often most important for ensuring sustained business success.