47Lining Earns Amazon Web Services Big Data Competency


47Lining, an Advanced Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), has earned APN Big Data Competency through helping customers develop big data solutions that leverage AWS products like Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift and Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR).

Historically, customers have solved their big data needs with on-premises data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. This worked as long as there was predictability in the nature of business critical questions, number of users served, size of data required and data sourced primarily from on-premise applications. Increasingly, customers require analysis that fuses data from multiple on-premise applications, Internet-of-Things data in the field, Software as a Service providers and business partners. The cloud is not only a natural fit, but also introduces elasticity and cost curves to make big data more accessible to a broader set of business users.

“We are proud to be able to achieve the APN Big Data Competency designation,” said Mick Bass, 47Lining’s CEO. “AWS allows us to offer customers big data solutions with scale and cost characteristics that were impossible with legacy on-premise solutions. We use these tools to drive towards customer business value through new opportunities like data fusion, real-time analytics, synchronization with multiple transactional systems (OLTP) and transient clusters that can be spun up and decommissioned when no longer needed.”

Paul Kearney, VP Technology, FlowEnergy, said, “47Lining moved us to a scalable IoT collection and ingest flow, reducing complex query times from seventeen minutes to 8 seconds.”