A 30% Discount for those Thirsty for Savings


The past three days brought a lot of work for the sales team at RackBank, central India’s first Datacenter. In its office, the phones kept ringing, inquiries from customers kept coming one after another. The Live Chat beeps were incessant; the business development team occupied in answering queries. It was not usual, but anticipated. It was bound to happen, the marketing team chalked out a promotional strategy, and now it was underway. The air at work was filled with excitement.

A promotional offer on RackBank’s Dedicated Servers created buzz across the globe and predictably the marketing effort culminated in an overwhelming response. It all began when RackBank joined the Cyber Monday discounts bandwagon.

Cyber Monday, a term very popular in developed nations is the marketing term coined for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The term got popular in 2005 and now used as means to promote online shopping.

RackBank on the occasion of Cyber Monday offered a huge 30% discount on Dedicated Servers for the lifetime.

Dedicated Servers offer the next level of hosting wherein one complete server is devoted for one client. Dedicated servers bring major security advantages, increase reliability, flexibility along with providing greater control over the server.

The young team of people working at RackBank aims to make India self sufficient in IT infrastructure and make IT affordable for all. In this exciting ordeal, they have found new ingenious ways to grow leaps and bounds. In just two years since inception, the company has seen tremendous growth.

Excited by the stupendous response the offer attracted; RackBank has extended the same offer for the month of December. The three-day offer is now open until the new year 2016 arrives. A thirty percent discount for those thirsty for savings.

To explore further details, go to- https://www.rackbank.com/in/december-deal/dedicated-servers/