Reasons Why Go4Hosting Is Better Than Hosting Provider ZNetLive


Both, Go4Hosting and ZNetLive are leading hosting solution providers with their own set of benefits and features and vying for the attention of same class of customers. However, in my opinion and experience, Go4Hosting is better than ZNetLive in many ways. I am sharing my experiences and that of my friends who are either using Go4Hosting or ZNetLive. It is clear from their views too that Go4Hosting breasts the tape faster when compared with ZNetLive on several parameters of performance check this out.

More Experience And Technological Superiority see more Go4Hosting has been in the business of providing hosting services to companies and individuals since 2000. In their decade and a half plus of existence, the company has made major inroads into the hosting domain and has emerged as a reliable and reputed brand name. The company offers a wide range of products and services to clients spread across diverse industrial sectors and verticals. They have earned the reputation of an organization that’s customer centric and have been walking that extra mile to make sure their customers’ interests are served.

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ZNetLive India was created in 2002 to provide the web hosting solution all over India. Though it is a hosting service based in India, the company has a minor presence in Singapore and offers some servers in America too.  One of their key marketing strategies is to offer a bundle of value added services for free to new customers. It is a strategy that seems to work for them. The overall security and integrity of your website is maintained but there is lots of scope for improvement in this area according to many users article source.

When it comes to security and protection of websites and applications, Go4Hosting is clearly leagues ahead of ZNetLive and many other players in this domain. The managed Firewall is custom made and allows me to implement my own access control policy which ups the security level significantly as I have absolute control over the server. They also keep spam and viruses away from your main mailbox by using an advanced antivirus and anti-spam technology

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click here Go4Hosting offers high bandwidth servers that are sophisticated and capable of handling high traffic websites, audio and video streaming, and data transfers in huge volumes. I find that they have better technology for file hosting, game servers, and other critical web applications which are deciding parameters of the performance of a hosting service.

Good Security From ZNetLive But Some Aspects Fall Short Of Expectations

ZNetLive hosting plans are less comprehensive though they do offer free SSL certificates with all their hosting plans. The firewall, though not as good as Go4Hosting, is capable enough of keeping potential hackers at bay and your website secure. Another important feature of the company offers is that they provide daily malware scanning and alerts to phishing threats which is a welcome facility.

Go4Hosting is recognized as one of the best providers of dedicated hosting servers, VPS hosting, email hosting, Cloud computing and web hosting.  Their clientele list includes individual users to small and medium businesses and corporate. The company offers a string of hosting plans in every category so that every business can find one that fits their operational needs and their budget. I am using their dedicated server for last many years and the one thing that impressed me about the company is that they keep upgrading the hosting technology regularly. I get to use the best technology available before anyone else, most of the times.

Go4Hosting Support And Customer Service Is Legendary

Also, the support they offer is unmatched and clearly way ahead of what others, including ZNetLive offer.  The company also provides a number of hosting services and domain management solutions. World class hosting plans are available for all types of businesses here. The new demands of clients are always given top priority. Driven by groundbreaking technologies, Go4Hosting saves a lot of time and effort of clients looking to for expand their business.

I have used both ZNetLive and Go4Hosting; the latter is also my current hosting provider. I can clearly experience the difference in the way both companies handle technology, customer service, complaints and up gradation. I intend to stick with Go4Hosting for now, at least.