Ways to Get Cheap VPS Hosting Plans


In VPS hosting, an entire server is compartmentalized to create multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers is capable of functioning on its own and can run its own version of an operating system. When you are looking for cheap VPS hosting plans, you should choose a provider which offers you affordably-priced, but effective and reliable plans.

How can you get cheap VPS hosting?

Cheap hosting plans should not affect your site’s performance; you can enjoy cheap VPS hosting without having to compromise on the quality of services. For instance, if you decide to choose Linux VPS hosting plans, you will find that you can save more because Linux is an open source operating system which does not charge licensing fees. So, Linux plans are bound to be cheaper compared to Windows VPS hosting plans. At the same time, if your site runs applications like ASP.NET, you will have to settle for Windows plans as these function in Windows-only environment.

Moreover, when you choose unmanaged VPS hosting you can also benefit from cheap VPS hosting plans. In unmanaged hosting, the task of maintaining and securing the servers and troubleshooting server-related issues rest with you and not the host. So, it is important that you have a qualified and capable IT team to carry out this task. Unmanaged hosting therefore works out cheaper compared to managed hosting where the host will resolve all server related problems and supervise server-management for a price. When you have seasoned and experienced IT staff, it is better to choose unmanaged hosting to enjoy cheap VPS hosting.

When should you start looking for cheap VPS hosting?

When you find that your site is expanding and needs additional resources to handle the traffic peaks, it is time to move from standard shared hosting to VPS hosting plans. Shared servers cannot satisfy your demands for greater bandwidth or disk space or processing power; you have to choose VPS hosting because this will give you root access to the server. Using Cheap VPS hosting plans, you can tweak the server settings to suit your business needs. Another situation which warrants an upgrade to VPS hosting is when you notice frequent downtimes in your website. Finally, if your site has multimedia-rich content, it is better to shift to VPS hosting to make sure you have the resources to handle the needs for greater processing power.

When choosing a VPS hosting provider, there are some factors that you need to consider. Besides deciding on a managed or unmanaged hosting plans and making a choice between Linux and Windows VPS, you will need to also consider some other parameters. For instance, you should check how far scalable the host’s VPS plans are. You need a provider which can offer you additional resources every time you need them. It should be able to come up with innovative solutions to ensure that your site functions optimally at all times. It needs to have proper backup provisions for data recovery in case there are service outages. You must find out about your RAM allocation, the processor capacity and bandwidth you will be entitled to and what the charges will be for extra resources. Finally, you should inquire about their uptime guarantees and ensure that the host can offer you round-the-clock technical supports.