A Whopping Offer By CloudOYE – 30% Off On Dedicated Server Hosting


Noida based CloudOYE is guaranteeing customers, granular control with its high end dedicated servers.

To make their offer even more tempting, this premier hosting service is presenting 30% off on dedicated server hosting.

Bargain deals are no surprise in these days of cutthroat competition among hosting vendors. The race is keen with each hosting service offering plans with a promise of best value for money.

The customers nevertheless are discerning. Hosting companies are always under a scanner. It is the best that survive.

In this scenario, CloudOYE is putting its best foot forward by offering customers 30% off on dedicated server hosting.

With many small and medium businesses opting for a dedicated server environment, CloudOYE hopes its services will have good demand.

A dedicated server is a single computer in a network reserved exclusively for the serving the needs of one client. The client can be an individual or an organization.

Businesses choose dedicated server primarily because they get greater control and flexibility, better reliability, and improved security for their online activity.

“It is an expensive choice”, says a manager of an IT firm. “But for reliable and high performance hosting, dedicated server is worth the investment”.

CloudOYE looks eager to make the most of the present day demand for dedicated server hosting.

The company has strong foundations built by excellent domain expertise, Tier III data centers, integrated cloud infrastructure and more.

With its offer of 30% off on dedicated server hosting, this leading hosting service hopes to penetrate the web hosting market even more.

About CloudOYE

CloudOYE, a Noida based cloud hosting service provider with domain expertise, integrated cloud infrastructure, Tier III
data centers is offering businesses fully managed services and dedicated technical support.

For more information, contact CloudOYE at their India offices at;
Cyfuture India Pvt Ltd.,

SDF Block G-13/14,
Noida Special Economic Zone
Phase II, Noida 201 305
Call: 18002122022