CloudOYE – With cloud CDN is providing Clients Highly Affordable & Scalable Solutions

buy xanax A leading cloud hosting solutions provider is offering next generation CDN solutions to its clients.

By partnering with OnApp, one of the leading providers of content delivery networks, Noida based CloudOYE is promising businesses accelerated website performance, applications and video delivery across 170+ locations.

The company’s USP is their state of the art servers that ensure fastest content delivery, low latency and high data transfer

A CDN, or content delivery network is a distributed network of servers and content storage devices that relocates content
and /or services on a large number of proxy systems placed at various locations.

prednisone 20mg Now cloud CDN has surfaced in a big way. In contrast to traditional CDNs that are hosted on vendors’ data centers, cloud CDNs leverage the global ubiquity of pay as you go models of cloud platforms. It is not surprising at all that cloud computing is leveraged to the full by businesses. A key advantage of cloud is that countless ICT resources can be exposed as web utilities, which can be summoned and released in an on-demand basis.

Companies are realizing that with cloud CDN hosting India vendors are able to provide: Canadian Pharmacies Online

• A flexible platform with capability to dynamically and conveniently scale capacity up or down erectile dysfunction

• Advantages of public clouds to scale peak demand erectile dysfunction pills.

medix CloudOYE is now well set to provide next generation cloud CDN solutions to enable easy dissemination of clients’ static content to users. The company is staying ahead in the race by offering fastest edge servers, self managed portal with API support, and regular monitoring and reporting of CDN infrastructure using Nagios and Munin.

CloudOYE, a Noida based cloud hosting service provider with domain expertise, integrated cloud infrastructure, Tier III data centers is offering businesses fully managed services and dedicated technical support

purchase Klonopin For more information, contact CloudOYE at their India offices at;

Cyfuture India Pvt Ltd.,
SDF Block G-13/14,
Noida Special Economic Zone
Phase II, Noida 201 305
Call: 18002122022