Features of Data Center Colocation product and services.

Colocation server

see more Internet has made the global information locally available. There are multiple web hosting options available to the users including data center colocation services in India. Web hosting industry has also evolved from an in-house data server room earlier to a complete data center industry today.

Data centers are the modernized and optimized way of hosting multiple servers with advanced climate controlled conditions in highly secured environment. There is an immense increase in new e-commerce enterprises along with increased online activities of the organizations. The businesses have moved from mere physical walls to global online presence this web page.

Colocation Services are one of the web hosting options where the user owns the machine- the server. But it can’t be kept in typical climatic conditions. So the server needs to be hosted in the data center. More technically it needs to be collocated in the data center which is an infrastructure facility with advanced HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technology, physical as well as technical security including bio-metric, scanning, coded access, along with disaster management services.

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Cost-effective: The data center colo services are highly cost effective as the client needs to pay a minimal cost for the space that is being user for collocating the server source.

http://pusiedu.cn/map441 Better control: With colo services, the user can access better control on the server settings, RAM, hard disk, memory, OS, control panel etc.

Technical support: The colocation services providers offer technical support to their client to assist them in managing their data hosting in best possible way http://koizumi.sg/map441.

Scalability: The co-location services can be scaled up according to the hosting needs of the client. From a rack space of 1RU, 2RU, 5RU to space as large as a room just click for source.

Managed and unmanaged colocation services: Managed coloc services are the one where the data center services provider will manage the technical hosting while user can opt for unmanaged colocation services if they have expert IT resources with them http://microclouds-india.com/maps341.

Considerable factors before choosing data centers for colocation services in India :

High server Availability: Before choosing the colocation data center service, always check the providers’ records in terms of server availability for the client.

Network uptime SLA: Another major point in your checklist for data center colocation services in India is about checking the service level agreement for the network up-time.

Strong Security structure: Security is a critical concern when it comes to choosing the colo data center services.

Redundant infrastructure: Redundant infrastructure means there are backups ready for power supply, server, hardware, network etc. in case of any failure. This adds to the credibility of the web services provider because this ensures business continuity.

Colo services are best for the enterprises where the business structure needs full control over server instances and at the same time it has a small IT budget.

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