How Go4hosting Data Center Benefits Your Online Business


When you own an online business, you will be required to pay quite a fortune to maintain your own private data center. You will not only need to invest in costly hardware for data storage; you will also need to hire experts and technical engineers for installing, processing and maintaining the projects onsite. However, when you choose Go4Hosting hosting solutions, you will not have to worry about spending so much money on data center requirements. Go4Hosting is fully equipped to offer colocation services to client enterprises at far lower costs.

Ways in which Go4Hosting can benefit your businesses online:
• This reputed web hosting service provider offers comprehensive data center services that can be suitably customized to cater to the budget restrictions of different enterprises. Go4Hosting allows different businesses to establish a rather secure infrastructure where there are qualified engineers who can guarantee the best capacity to meet your business needs. You can thereby enjoy the total potential of your investments.

• At times, businesses can be affected because of server-related problems that may not be resolved by the IT staff. In doing so, the technical experts often end up overlooking other critical areas of your business. So, the overall site performance is adversely affected and business growth gets halted. But when you sign up with Go4Hosting data center solutions, you can be rest assured that they will look into all server-related issues, leaving you with enough time and resources to focus on developing your online business. Their staff will look into timely upgrades and updates, downtime problems and traffic management. So, this frees your IT teams for handling critical on-site projects to further your business goals.

• Go4Hosting also offer fault-resilient data center which are performance driven and highly secure. Their main aim is to allow the client to enjoy cost-savings and reduce downtime without affecting the compliance requirements and security aspects. They control high-resilience capabilities for managing huge volumes of enterprise-level data and their data storage capacity is beyond traditional data centers because they can support remote data storage, data accessibility and archiving and most importantly, on-demand scalability.

• Go4Hosting also guarantee uninterrupted power connectivity through redundant backup power supplies, turbine and gas energy; their backup mechanisms are N+1 redundant. They distribute the important data across many servers in different places so as to avoid any one point of failure.

• Go4Hosting plans also offer on-demand scalability to end-users to provide more agility to online businesses. So, you can get extra resources whenever you need these to cope with unprecedented traffic spikes. Their data centers are equipped with excellent networking solutions and enterprise-class technologies so that their clients can enjoy cost-savings, better scalability and easy IT management.

• Their cutting-edge cloud hosting solutions make them a name to reckon with compared to their competitors. Their robust and secure infrastructure has ensures that Go4Hosting is one of the leading data center providers in India today. They have nearly 25,000 square feet space in their data centers in India with redundant N+1 backup systems, a strong six-layer security cover for extra protection, multiple CCTV cameras for onsite surveillance. Their superior hardware technology guarantees a high uptime of 99.9% and high-end bandwidth. You can also get round-the-clock assistance from their experts. This web hosting service provider also keeps its clients up-to-date with the recent trends across the colocation industry.

• Since they are carrier neutral, Go4Hosting can guarantee the finest network connections. There are dual active paths which can help you to get telecommunication networks in different business verticals. They have a private network set-up that is strengthened by high-end routing technologies. They have the most reputed providers in the industry like Reliance Communications, Tata Communications and Tata Teleservices etc. to help online businesses enjoy great connectivity.

• Since Go4Hosting owns independent backup systems, you do not have to be worried about failovers. Their system displays a lot of transparency and the backups run parallel to their main data center throughout. Go4Hosting also offer high-density precision air cooling mechanisms which are powered by smart sensors. These supervision systems ensure that their data centers can offer consistently high-end performance. They have also set up effective dual-alarmed heat detection and smoke detection systems. Their efficient software and fire alarm-control panel is enough to guarantee that every device functions optimally all the time.

These features ensure that Go4Hosting data center plans are best suited for online businesses. Critical data will demand a very high level of redundancy and security. This is why they must be kept in robust set-ups which are capable of resisting disasters. In this sense, Go4Hosting scores far higher than its competitors because they have prioritized your critical data needs and installed Tier III data centers. Their data centers have state-of-the-art facilities which ensure that all data remains completely secure 24×7. Their data centers also have N+1 redundancy that ensures 99.95% data availability even when there is component failure.