How to Choose Colocation Providers in India


read article Colocation basically refers to a data center which businesses can lease out for their servers and computing hardware. The colocation India provider companies for instance, will offer the building and cooling, power and bandwidth and physical security while the clients will give the servers. The space in such a data center facility is leased by cabinet or cage or rack space. When choosing colocation India services, owners must be careful about the pros and cons of each of these providers before they make a final choice.

Why are colocation India services becoming popular?

Each data center will have its share of weaknesses and advantages depending on what the customers need and the selection procedure has therefore become very important as more and more businesses are switching to outsourcing. The medium-sized businesses will not have the funds or the technical expertise to create independent data centers. The escalating energy expenses also make this decision to have one’s own data center not very lucrative. So, outsourcing the data center to colocation India companies is what most businesses are doing these days. This is because data center providers are offering them many strategic advantages. When you shift your IT operations to a data center which has been outsourced, you can devote more time to developing your core competencies and you are spared of the burden of managing a complex IT set-up read more.

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When you are planning on outsourcing your data center to a colocation India provider, you should take into account some important factors: check this out

  • You must completely understand your business IT requirements and the provider should be able to cater to these through its infrastructure. You must decide on how much space and power you require within a data center, what minimum tier classification is ideal for your business operations, nature of configuration you are entitled to in terms of redundant cooling and power, features of cabinets or cages etc.
  • You should inquire about the provider’s disaster recovery services before you sign him on. Your critical data has to be protected at all times from unexpected disasters, whether it is a flood or hurricane or fire outbreak.
  • The colocation India provider you choose must have a solid track record and an impressive reputation. You must do some background check on their experience, certifications, technical power, financial stability etc.
  • In terms of location, the data center should have a convenient location so that it is in close proximity to your IT personnel. When the colocation facility is located at a drivable distance from your business, your IT staff visits to it can become economical. Close proximity to the business saves both precious time and money. The more popular colocation India companies will offer free remote hands support so that your IT staff do not need to rush in for minor issues like rebooting the server, screen reads, inserting disks in drives etc. So, you may come across colocation providers which have clients in geographically diverse areas and they must do maintenance through remote control. When more intervention becomes necessary, the provider offers professional on-site services to the client.
  • In terms of reputation, the data center provider must enjoy a solid track record. It is always wise to ask for referrals and read through online reviews. When you are evaluating the reputation of colocation India services, it is also important to verify their support services, reliability and stability, and commitments.
  • You would ideally want a provider which has at least two or three main carriers so that you can enjoy enhanced Internet connectivity. This will guarantee maximum routes for easy travel of data packets, low latency and a transparent fail-over so that you do not have to build the connection even if one carrier goes offline. You must find out whether it will take care of network outages and hardware malfunctioning without incurring any downtime.
  • The colocation provider must also offer fast and scalable connections so that it can cater to your needs for greater bandwidth.
  • Finally you will want to choose a provider which offers you 24×7 accesses, which is manned by security guards round-the-clock and backed by technical support teams for troubleshooting. Security features like only secure access to the data center floor, multi-factor authentication, CCTV monitoring, access logging for visitors etc are some of the features that the provider should guarantee. There should also be environmental controls to optimize cooling.

These factors will help you decide on a colocation India provider. It is advisable to compare the prices quoted by various providers; you should also be wary of hidden prices. The better provider will quote a rate which includes cabinet space, bandwidth, IP address, power etc and they will also offer elementary remote support. You need to carefully examine their Service Level Agreements to understand the nature of compensation you will be entitled to should the provider fail to honor its commitments