Alfa Laval Develops New Data Center Cooling Technology

alfa laval datacenter cooling

With new server cooling innovation and free cooling arrangements, Alfa Laval now has a complete offering for server farm cooling. The organization said this exhaustive extent makes it less demanding to give ideal frameworks to particular server farm needs.

The quantity of data centers keeps on expanding worldwide and there has been an expansion of items, frameworks, and innovations for data center cooling.

“There are so many options out there, that it can be confusing,”  said Mats Carselid, showcasing director, Data Center Cooling. “Our aim is to take the complication out of data center cooling. And now that we have a new solution that has been specifically developed for server cooling — Low Speed Ventilation — the choice is even easier.”

Alfa Laval’s data center cooling offering incorporates:

• New server cooling innovation — Low Speed Ventilation (LSV) is another, exceedingly proficient cooling innovation for server rooms bringing about lower vitality use, lower cooling-related vitality bills (by up to 30 percent relying upon the inside’s size, sort, and area) and the most minimal conceivable PUE, said Alfa Laval.

• Free cooling with air — Thanks to its wide item portfolio Alfa Laval said it can join adiabatic or dry coolers with gasketed plate heat exchangers for air-based free cooling frameworks. It distinguishes the ideal periods with the expectation of complimentary cooling or chiller cooling in year-round operation.

• Free cooling with water — This is a monetary and eco-accommodating arrangement sourced from streams, lakes, or seas. The organization offers both water channels and gasketed plate heat exchangers with the expectation of complimentary cooling with water. This framework can often work year-round without mechanical cooling.

• Continuous organization — Proactive upkeep and tweaked administration programs guarantee ideal long haul hardware execution. The organization helps server farm administrators with a worldwide framework for neighborhood support.

“With the expansion of Low Speed Ventilation, we now have a complete reach covering all parts of server farm cooling. Be that as it may, what has the genuine effect is the way we use our aptitude to offer clients some help with identifying the right arrangement, or mix of arrangements, to make a complete cooling framework advanced for a particular server farm,” said Carselid.

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