It’s World Backup Day On 31st March – Are You Ready?


World Backup Day is a reminder for everyone to generate backups of their crucial files, folders and documents. Whether it is your personal data or professional, you need to produce an alternate option, so that you can still have your data, even if the primary documents are gone. Why you need to backup? Just imagine all your precious photographs, videos, and other data tragically crashed. In fact, this happens all the while. Hard disks crash on a daily basis. Now you need to decide what you want to do. Remain at safer side by backing up all your data or overlooking the significance and later experiencing a disastrous loss. Let’s discuss some statistics. According to researches,

  • 30% of people have never created a backup of their data,
  • 29% of data disasters occur out of accidents, every minute,
  • 113 cellphones are stolen or lost,
  • 16% of businesses have never recovered their lost data
  • The estimated impact of technological default is $15,000 per day for SMBs

  The list is endless. There are host of reasons why you should maintain alternate files and folders. With that said, now you can make a fair decision. Where and how to create backups? For businesses, the process is different, because they deal with loads of information daily. So obviously, the amount is big. Besides, they not only deal with their own internal documents, but withhold client information as well. That sets backup at the top of the list. They can move their data to an off-site location, which is in a data center facility. But before that you need to determine what data you need to backup, how much data you have, which is more important, where you’ll maintain the substitutes, and how often you’ll create backup. Once you know your requirements, get started with it. The most standard option is cloud hosting solutions and many users are increasingly opting cloud backup solutions. It is advised to create a local backup along with cloud. For a common user, locating data on cloud is simple. There are free options available like the Dropbox and OneDrive. Corporate sectors can go for cloud backup storage solutions by approaching the best service provider and get the work done. Disaster Recovery solutions can be equally beneficial and helpful to recover lost data.   Use 3-2-1 Backup Strategy 3-2-1 backup solution means you need to upkeep 3 copies of your data, 2 copies in different format and 1 copy off-site. This calls for one backup on the external drive, second on the cloud and third copy at an off-site location. But why do you need so many backups? Simple. If one goes down, you still have the other two alternatives to recover your files. Off-site location is crucial because it completes your backup strategy. You don’t need to be worried, even if both the internal nodes fail. Keep your data safe Creating backups is like investing in something important for the benefit of your own. World Backup Day serves as reminder for all of us to act now or regret later. Do you know the World Backup Day pledge? Here it is – “I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.” Make sure to stand by it. About Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.: Web Werks is an India-based CMMI Level 3  Web Hosting company with 5 carrier neutral data centers in India and USA. Started in 1996, Web Werks has served several Fortune 500 companies with successful projects in the areas of Web Hosting, Data Center Services, Colocation Services, Disaster Recovery Services, Cloud Hosting, and VPS Server Hosting. For further information contact: Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. +91 8828335555