What Are The Three Features That A Data Centre Must Have?


With the consistently increasing volume of data to store, it has become almost impossible for businesses to store all the data in their own premise. This is where data centres prove to be of extreme help, since in these places, equipment and information can be stored without any difficulty. Probably the best thing about data centres is that the information you store in it, can be accessed even from a remote location. Over the past few years, the use of data centres has increased to a great extent. In fact, most businesses prefer to rely on data centres when it comes to retrieve information about customers. This is especially the case with the customer service centres.

No matter whether you have just started with your business venture, or you have been in the industry since a considerable period of time, you must know what are the must have features of a data centre. When you store your mission critical information with a third party service provider, you must be absolutely sure about the security they offer. This is why you have to follow  some tricks while selecting a data center and also have to keep the must have features of a data centre in mind –

  • Password protection – Be sure to check if the password that you are going to use will remain protected. In case the password is entered incorrectly, there must be a mechanism that will prevent the user to log in, after a certain number of attempts, usually three. This ensures your mission critical data is not exposed to someone who is not authorized to view it. In fact, the security feature should be designed in a way so that the user has to answer a security question in order to access the content.
  • Encryption – Encrypting all the crucial data is a common practice that all the data centres usually follow. This is basically a process of protecting all the information with a code that cannot be cracked. When some data is transferred in an encrypted form, it can be deciphered only by the computer that it’s going through. Once the information is out from a particular system, it is again encrypted in order to be stored in the data centre. This is what helps prevent the hackers from stealing your mission critical data.
  • Redundant power supply – While selecting a data centre amongst many, you should look for one that runs on redundant power supply. This can prove to be crucial during incidents like power cuts or blackouts. A data centre that runs on redundant power supply, ensures you can access the information whenever needed. This is mainly because the data centre runs on different sources of electricity and is also backed up with generators. In this way, even if the power goes out at the data centre, and not at the facility, you will be able to continue with your business.

These are the three features that a data centre must have. If you are thinking of storing your mission critical data in a facility like this, be sure to check whether or not it’s equipped with these features.