Why Build a Data Center, If You Can Hire One!


If you are into Datacenter business, this post is not for you. A datacenter is what you build to make money; I am nobody to stop you from building one. Secondly, I am no one to enlighten you with my experience of just being witness to operations of an amazing Datacenter (Yes! I am not involved in technical aspects here at RackBank).

Building Data center is an expensive affair; it involves huge capital expenditure and operational expenditure (CapEX & OpEX). Needless to say, it is not for all companies. Unless you are Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft or any giant company big enough to deploy resources at a whim.

Let’s look at some of the points that pose a difficult challenge for you to consider even building a Datacenter of your own.

Let’s suppose you consider building a Datacenter of your own. These are the major challenges you’ll surely come across.

POWER: A server is a powerful computer, a Datacenter hosts numerous servers, and that require, yes you guessed it right, Power. Even a medium scale Datacenter would require power to the tune of MegaWatts. In the third world countries, availability of Power is a concern, elsewhere it brings up cost concerns.

Security: If you are to build your Datacenter you would require undertaking security measures beyond Retina Scanners, fingerprints scanners, or CCTV’s. Apart from ensuring physical intrusion in your facility you will need added layer of Firewalls as protection from cyber attacks.

Infrastructure: This is a no-brainer. Beyond the concrete walls, floor and ceiling are server racks, HVAC equipment, cooling system, telecom, electrical hardware, storage are all critical to the functioning of Datacenter.

And this is just a tip of the iceberg.

For building a Datacenter, you will require someone who’s had prior experience of building datacenters.

Airplanes that are real, safe and fly aren’t built by a beginner while reading a DIY guide.

There’s a difference between datacenter looking like this and that. And you know it.

After focusing too much on hypothetically building a Datacenter of your own now take a look at the benefits of hiring one.

The cost advantage comes first. You virtually are using a facility and paying the service provider to keep it running; all maintenance, operational hassles are not your concern.

Secondly, hiring Datacenter services brings technically qualified team of people render superior services. The enhanced quality of service is a value-add in the larger scheme of things.

Thirdly, Scalability and Reliability rise to an advanced level. In the constantly changing business environment, evolving with time is considered to be Holy Grail of success. Datacenter services are scalable to meet growing needs in future. State of the art professional Datacenters provides greater system reliability with better uptime.

Well, these are some of the points you could consider before thinking of building a Datacenter of your own.
They say, never outsource your core competencies. It defines your business and helps you outperform competitors. The thumb rule is if building a Datacenter is not your core competency then you are better off with hiring one.